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27 Nov, 2009

Roth IRA Rules- What You Should Know

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Roth IRA rules are a lot more flexible than other investments. You really need to make sure that you understand the right rules for the right investments, because getting them confused is easy. Roth IRA contributions are not tax-deductible, which is one of the biggest differences between these accounts and other IRAs. Tax free withdrawals [...]

  • Eric Zinck: At age 36, I went back to school, 2nd degree. I withdrew 4,500 out of my roth IRA afte it was in since 2002- (seven years) my tax person tells me it
  • William Burke: If you convert your regular IRA to a Roth IRA and you are older than 59.5 and you have had money in the regular IRA for more tha 5 years, do you have
  • Amy Bluth: NDH Group, Ltd. of Chicago recently released “RothCalc2010” for the iPhone. RothCalc2010 will help you determine whether to convert your traditio


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